Confession time: I have never been to Clark's Trading Post. I know, I know, turn in my New Englander card immediately. I will. But first, can we discuss something?

It's not that I'm anti-Clark's Trading Post. I just never went growing up, at least, I don't remember ever going. And now I suppose I could bring my niece and nephew.

Clark's Trading Post certainly offers a variety of attractions. They have their famous bear show, water blaster boats, the spooky Merlin's Mystical Mansion, and even a tribute to New Hampshire's infamous Old Man of the Mountain with The Old Man of the Mountain Climbing Tower and that's not even everything.

They also offer a train ride on The White Mountain Central Railroad which sounds fun. Peaceful even. The White Mountains are beautiful and people of all ages love trains.

Thanks to New England comedian Juston McKinney, I'm now wondering if I should bring the little ones or have a few shots with my buddies before experiencing The Wolfman that riders experience along the train ride.

You see, The Wolfman is apparently a character you meet during your ride. And no, it's not some guy in a fun wolf costume. It's just...a guy wielding a gun yelling at train riders. On the ride back through Wolfman territory, the train conductor instructs riders to yell at The Wolfman, "Scram, you old goat."

Don't believe me? Watch the hilarious video below.

According to the Clark's Trading Post Website, Wolfman has been a train ride staple for decades. Poor guy is just trying to keep people from his Unobtanium mine. Thankfully he is afraid of heights and won't cross the bridge so once you get there you're safe. They also note that he's also afraid of water which means he hasn't taken a bath in years.

Personally, I find the infamous Wolfman hilarious. You certainly won't find that kind of entertainment anywhere else.

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