It seems that the battle of who has the best cannoli in Boston has been going on forever. Some say that the best comes from Mike's Pastry while others claim that Modern Pastry offers better cannoli.

While both are located on the same street in Boston, Mike's Pastry also offers multiple locations in Massachusetts. Mike's Pastry can also be found in Harvard Square and at Assembly Row in Somerville. However, this year Modern Pastry made its way to Portland, ME.

I've been to both pastry shops and honestly, they are both drool-worthy, but many people claim that Mike's Pastry is more of a tourist spot and that Modern Pastry should be the winner for the best cannoli.

Now if you ever asked me where to go, I'd tell you to try all the pastry and bakery shops in the North End. I guess that doesn't help out much, but I think they all have something better than another to offer. Not to mention, everyone likes different things.

If you choose not to ask a local about where you should make a shop for cannoli, maybe you'll listen to Steph Grasso, an Italian dietician, who took to Tik Tok to try to settle the debate. Steph Grasso recently visited both Mike's Pastry and Modern Pastry to compare their cannoli.

Steph Grasso did declare a winner for which pastry shop has the best cannoli, Modern Pastry. Granted Mike's Pastry has more filling and has bigger cannoli, Modern Pastry will give you more of a ricotta flavor. It seems that if you are craving cannoli, Modern Pastry is the way to go.

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