Last week's senseless shooting at a Texas elementary school has students concerned and fed up.

Stella, a junior at Cape Elizabeth High School has had to go to school and worry about 'getting shot at school' for the past ten years. As she points out, this isn't something kids should have to think about. No kid should have to worry if they have all of the active shooter drills memorized.

Stella also worries about how the school shooting happened. She writes in a GoFundMe:

Last week's devasting shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas once again proves how easy it is for someone to buy assault weapons and enter schools to kill children. I don't understand why any civilian needs an automatic weapon or high-capacity magazine. They are exceptionally deadly and made specifically for mass shootings and death.

Stella is organizing a walk-out, march, and peaceful protest to let Maine senators, specifically Susan Collins know how much this school shooting and all school shootings affect Maine students and their families. This will happen Friday, June 3. The GoFundMe is to help defray the costs associated with organizing what she hopes is a large protest.

Sarah Shapiro Crawford Facebook
Sarah Shapiro Crawford Facebook

They are hoping that many join so that their voices are heard. Since they will be starting at Cape Elizabeth and ending at One Canal Plaza in Portland, they are going to charter a bus to help people get to Portland. Any leftover funds will be donated to Students Demand Action. Parents and anyone who would like to join are welcome to meet at the Cross Insurance Arena and march to Senator Collins' office, where hopefully the message will be well received.

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