Very few images flood people with more emotions than seeing a photo of an abused and uncared for animal. Shared on Facebook, the Caribou, Maine Police Department touched a nerve on Wednesday night when they shared an unfortunate story as they searched for the public's help in gathering more information on a scared dog and an abandoned house.

The Caribou PD stated that they were alerted to a dog left behind in an abandoned house that has recently been purchased in the city. Officers found that the dog had been in a closet and it was clear by the shape of the animal that it had not been properly cared for in quite some time. Police were alarmed by the discovery because the house itself had also been abandoned for a good amount of time.

The Caribou PD have transported the pup out of the house and the unnamed dog is receiving the attention and care it needs to hopefully make a full recovery back to good health. Many of the commenters on the Facebook post offered help with supplies and potential adoption of the deserted dog.

The Caribou PD are also asking for any and all tips that may lead them to the dog's owner. The Caribou PD politely asked that the public refrain from engaging in any public insults if they know the owner and would prefer if the matter was handled privately. If you have any information pertaining to this dog, please contact the Caribou Police Department through Facebook or at 207-493-3301.


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