File this one under news you didn't see coming today. Police in South Portland have alerted the public that someone or multiple people spent some serious time putting fliers on cars at the Maine Mall and surrounding areas that warn of an impending nuclear war facilitated by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

According to the Portland Press Herald, whomever cooked up these fliers didn't stop at the imminent nuclear war. They also created an alternate flier that warns of Allah being an extraterrestrial who grows more powerful on the backs of people praying and aims to interfere with humankind.

South Portland Police deemed the fliers to be "fantastically crazy". While they didn't deem the fliers hate speech, they did say the fliers are walking a fine line between hate speech and political commentary. Police suggest anyone that finds more fliers to contact them immediately. Additionally, if anyone has information on whom distributed the fliers, the South Portland PD would like to talk to them.

For now, no need to get into those bunkers or be scared of the stars. Yet.

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