An Abundance of Caution

After taking the 2020 season off, Portland Sea Dog's fans were eager to get back to supporting Maine's favorite baseball team for 2021.

With concerns still present about the pandemic, the Portland Sea Dogs worked closely with state officials to figure out a safe and efficient reopening plan.

Sea Dogs Logo, MiLB
Sea Dogs Logo, MiLB

At the start of the season, they were given the green light to operate at 28% capacity and due to the seating limitations, tickets were to roll out on a month-to-month basis.

Additionally, masks were required to be worn at all times unless actively eating or drinking and fans would be seated in socially distant "pods" of seats.


Things have rapidly been changing as the Center for Disease Control and the White House are recommending easing restrictions specifically for those fully vaccinated and for outdoor activities and gatherings.

Because of this and Maine specifically easing restrictions in the coming weeks, Hadlock Field will be returning to full capacity in June.

Gifford's Ice Cream Facebook
Gifford's Ice Cream Facebook

For the state of Maine beginning on May 24th, capacity limits for indoor and outdoor establishments will be lifted as well as social distancing requirements outdoors.

Take Me Out to the Ball Game-MASKLESS!

On Wednesday, May 19th at 9 am tickets for all Sea Dogs home games will go on sale.

Masks will be required upon entering the park and while indoors but while outside and watching the game, feel free to go mask-free!

Get all the details here!

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