The great food being served up in Maine is becoming less and less of a secret across the country thanks to more publications and television shows highlighting what is going on in Vacationland. Portland continues to be at the center of it all, but lately, a few more restaurants outside of the 'big city' have been getting a taste of the spotlight. That includes The Quarry in the small town of Monson, Maine that found itself in a feature that aired on 'CBS: Saturday Morning'.

Shared on Facebook, CBS Mornings has a regular feature called "The Dish" in which they travel the country and highlight restaurants that have unique backstories, dishes and more. In the case of The Quarry, it was a mix of everything. It started with the town of Monson which had fallen on hard times in recent years but was brought back to life thanks to a generous charitable donation that transformed many buildings in the town into an artists retreat.

Then it was the story of Chef Lulu Ranta. Ranta was born in the Philippines and worked as a maid before finding herself settled in Monson. She had always dreamed of two things; opening her own restaurant and owning the car from the iconic show "Knight Rider". With 'The Quarry', she's lived out one of those dreams. The restaurant caters to the community of local artists while also serving up multi-course dinners for tourists. Some of Ranta's best dishes are highlighted in the CBS piece.


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