Let's talk about spankings. As we all know the internet provides us with everything we need and if you're in search of a good old spanking, then I found you the perfect paddle.

Yes, this conversation is happening. There is a public Facebook page called Kennebec Maine, Swap and Sell and there is a gentlemen offering a pretty unique item for sale. This post was so wild that it received over 150 likes and comments. Get ready people because their is an old fashioned spanking paddle for sale in Maine and it is receiving a lot of attention.

The post said,

"Handmade old fashioned spanking paddles $20 The board of education. Solid wood. 24x3. Located in Augusta ME for local pickup or can ship for extra cost.
Message me if interested."

Kennebec Maine Swap and Sell via Facebook
Kennebec Maine Swap and Sell via Facebook

It was shared many times and for good reason because spanking paddles are in demand right now, obviously.

Let's dive in, according to Slate 

"Who invented paddles? Sailors. Corporal punishment is as old as the Hebrew Bible, and bare-handed spanking was used to discipline children by the 18th century. Other devices older than the paddle, such as the birch rod, have also been used to flog the buttocks."

Even though the paddle was initially invented to discipline children, it seems that it has now evolved into a domineering tool, you know, adult stuff.

Some comments included people saying are hilarious, I was laughing so hard when I was reading them. So of course, I need to share them with you. Below is a gallery of the man with the paddle and some of the funniest comments from the post!

A Gallery of A Spanking Paddle with Reactions

The "Board" of Education

A unique item is for sale on a swap and sell page on Facebook, it's an old-fashioned spanking paddle for 20 bucks! Who wants it?

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