There's been a bit of an uproar recently over what some people have seen on Maine vanity plates. Maine is one of the states nationwide that relaxed their laws on what can be found on vanity plates, and it has led to some eye popping results. But instead on focusing on all of those cuss words, we're keying in on some of the more creative ways to get your message across in 7 characters on your license plate.

These all come from the exceptional Instagram account King Of Maine Vanity. It's worth a follow.

When you love something, embrace it. Like squeeze and embrace and everything.

Gotta be a true Mainer to understand this one. Mother has probably said a time or two!

Bruce Wayne has been found. And he doesn't drive a batmobile after all.

It appears you don't need to go to Hogwarts to find yourself a wizard.

Good use of Z's. If you only you could have fit lemon squeezy on there.

Is this a Seinfeld reference or someone that rides horses?

When you're totally self aware about you and the color of your car.


Maybe they just need a constant reminder?


Nothing like some hot dog breath to ruin a good day


There's plenty more that we could feature here because Maine people have been coming up with funny things to write on their license plates for decades. Just proves it doesn't always have to be filthy to be funny!

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