Vanity plates are commonplace in Maine. An expression of your occupation, your family or perhaps even a motivational word to live by. But as with all customizable things, some of us prefer to take a filthier route. Take these two Subaru owners vanity plates that popped up on Reddit over the weekend. Maine has a stringent list of vanity plates that are off-limits, but somehow these two gems snuck past the censors.

If you're struggling to see, here's a closer look:

Imgur via Reddit
Imgur via Reddit

A strong, bold move from a veteran. Wouldn't you just love to sit down for just a minute with these veteran and ask "sir/mam, what made you decide to take the designated V you have on your plate and turn it into a full blown anatomy lesson for the back of your car?" It's a fair question.

Another bold move, but in a different department. We'll assume that this Subaru is being driven around by a gentleman. We'll also safely assume that this gentleman is confident in his skills of acquiring females via the sheer amazingness of his Subaru wagon. Bravo for the sheer veracity of the plate that undoubtedly leaves many people squinting to figure out what it means and then shaking their head in disapproval. (or approval if you live life on the edge)



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