Here we go again! Another week and another bumper (get it) crop of ridiculous Maine vanity license plates.

Kudos as always to Morgan, the King of Maine Vanity for collecting and sharing these beauties with the world.

If you're new to the concept of the vanity plate in Maine, just know that ANYTHING and everything is up for grabs.

There are no restrictions on what someone can put on their car. It's great for them, but then we all are forced to read them!

Here are our faves of the week:


Sung to the Batman Theme: "na-na-nana-nana-nana naaaa...RAT VANNNNNNNN"



Yes, excellent use of a Commodores lyric.  This "Lady" knows how to take it "Easy" on the highways of Maine. "Sail On" you Maine "Brick House"



Sheldon would be proud!



It's a fun game. Google machine it. Actually, don't.


OK, then.



We love the Maine Ghostbusters. They're always doing great charity work and spreading the Ghostbuster love. Who ya gonna call!?



A  perfect plate for this truck.


Look what this dude for his 60th birthday!!


I know, but the driver is a Veteran so that pretty much makes it so they can say whatever the heck they want on their plate.

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