Buckfield, Maine is a tiny town in the Oxford Hills with barely 2000 residents and doesn't get a lot of attention unless we're talking about one of two things. One is Patrick Dempsey, who spent part of his childhood living there. The other is The Buckfield Mall.

For those unfamiliar with the Buckfield Mall, you'll find it at 8 East Buckfield Road, right off Route 117. It's not your traditional mall, but the name does apply. You won't find Macy's or Best Buy here, but it does have a gas station, convenience store, diner, and redemption center. Pair that with Tilton's Market just a mile away and the two provide everything the residents of Buckfield could need.

"The Buckfield Mall" painted in big bold letters on the canopy for the gas pumps does turn the heads of people from away who are traveling along Route 117 however. Lots of pictures have been taken of The Buckfield Mall and posted to social media, which is where one comedian must have stumbled across it.

Shuler King is a comedian who has built a following on YouTube of over 750,000 for his roasting videos. He was also a recurring cast member on the improv comedy show Wild 'N Out on MTV.

He posted a video about the photo he found of The Buckfield Mall and honestly, didn't roast it too badly. He did point out one thing that makes it better than any other mall in America.

Shuler King never mentions the state that The Buckfield Mall is in, but if anyone Google's it, they'll find out that it's in Maine.

He or is his people also didn't spell "Buckfield" correctly in the title of the video, but hey, no points deducted for misspelling. You've probably found a few of mine while reading this.

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