Maine has seen an increase in recent years in the number of celebrities visiting Vacationland. From NFL owners and players to Hollywood A-listers, the Pine Tree State seems to be attracting more famous people than ever before. Well add a country music superstar to that list, as Kenny Chesney was spotted visiting Kennebunkport this past weekend.

Shared on Facebook by Nadine Turner Hodges in a group called It's A Kenny Chesney Thing...You Wouldn't Understand, Hodges and her family were able to snap a photo with Chesney during their stay at The Colony Hotel. As it turns out, it wasn't the only Chesney sighting over the weekend in Kennebunkport. Others took to Facebook claiming to see Chesney on a yacht near Gooch's Beach while others claimed Chesney and family spent some time indulging at the Arundel Wharf restaurant and Alisson's restaurant over the weekend.

Despite the pandemic, Maine has had several celebrity sightings this summer including New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft amongst others. As other states see infection rates spiking while Maine's rate stays relatively low, it wouldn't be surprising to see more celebrities spend some vacation time in Vacationland.

If you happen to spot a celebrity, share your photo and story with us.

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