Courtney Love said Adderall made her "crazy" and led to a bunch of lawsuits over stuff she said on Twitter. She recently spoke with the Sunday Times, discussing her fights with addiction and her predilection for ranting on social media. We're wondering what she was on when she came up with her theory on the location of the missing Malaysian plane.

Love said that, thanks somehow to Gwyneth Paltrow, she kicked her Adderall addiction four years ago. But Love hasn't gone the completely sober route like most other rock stars are oft wont to do. She seems to think she can handle her intoxicants as long as she's careful.

"Moderation is key," Love told the Sunday Times. "When it comes to things like opiates, or cocaine, or even tequila, it’s hard. I love opiates, and I went to the dentist recently and he gave me whatever I wanted. I said, ‘I think I’m in love with you.’ I hadn’t gotten that high in years and I was allowed to do it legally because I had to get this molar fixed."

Sounds legit.

She did say she's planning on giving up tequila for pretty much the same reason she had to kick Adderall -- it inspires crazy e-mails. We're rootin' for you, C-Love.

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