There's no way I'm going to see "Pet Sematary," but all you Stephen King fans out there are probably going this weekend or have already indulged. It gives me the heeby jeebies just considering it! The most I can handle is perusing pictures from inside the house that inspired King's novel and subsequent horror flick.

King was inspired to write the story when sitting in a cafe across the street from the house, thinking back to when his family lived on the street and his daughter's cat, Smucky, was killed by a truck. They had buried the pet in an informal pet cemetery on a hill behind the house, and King's mind wandered to form the eventual horror story.

"I can remember crossing the road and thinking that the cat had been killed in the road — and [thought] what if a kid died in that road,” King said on his website. “We had had this experience with [our son] Owen running toward the road, where I had just grabbed him and pulled him back. And the two things just came together."

Now, you can see inside the house that inspired the horror on Bangor Daily News. They captured pictures from the interior of the house when it was up for sale in 2017.

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