WCYY is celebrating 25 years as Portland's Alternative Rock leader! Be listening for 25 Bands in 25 days and your chance to score one of 25 sweet Bose Bluetooth speakers so you can crank the CYY app!

As we get into our CYY 25 celebration, we're having a blast digging into the CYY Archives to pull out all the amazing live performances over the years. CYY Summercamps. CYY Holiday Bizarres. And of course, CYY Patio Shows. The cool thing about the CYY patio here at One City Center is that we can have the GIANT shows with 8,000 people or we can keep it intimate and do some cool acoustic gigs with just a handful of ya.

We found this doozy in the archives from a CYY Summercamp show from July of 2008. It's Dropkick Murphys on the patio. The guys are always the BEST band to their fans and they treated all of us that day to the World Debut of "The Chosen Few."  This was the first time the band had ever played it live and you can tell, as Ken is looking down on the ground at his lyric sheet. DKM and CYY history was made. Another great memory as we ramp up CYY 25.




Thank you for BEING CYY for all these years. As we celebrate rocking Maine for 25 years, we want to know how long YOU'VE been along for the ride with us? How long have YOU BEEN CYY?  CLICK HERE to send us an audio message we can play on the radio!

Here's the full recording of The Chosen Few. We like the CYY Patio Version even better!



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