CYY knows that 2021 is going to be an OK year because we have new music from Spencer Albee. You know Spencer from his six solo albums plus his work with Space vs Speed, Spencer and the School Spirit Mafia, As Fast As, Rocktopus, and Rustic Overtones.

Spencer does it all-Producer, Songwriter, Instrumentalist, and Podcaster. He is the force behind Portland's iconic Beatles Night with Spencer and the Walrus. He's worked with everyone from David Bowie to De La Soul. CYY has probably played more music from all of Spencer's projects over the years than any other local artist.

In 2000 Spencer released The Popsicko Volume 1". 2020 (finally) brought Volume 2! You've heard the song new song from Volume 2 on WCYY the past month or so. It's called "Love's Not Lost." The song is written, performed, produced, recorded, and mixed by Spencer. He also shot and edited this very cool lyric video. We think the message is perfect for 2021.  Welcome to the Spencerverse.....


'The Popsicko Vol.2' is streaming on all services and available for purchase at



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