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New Local Music We Love-Dominic Lavoie
CYY loves local music. You can always hear a ton of local on Spinout every Sunday night. Here's some great NEW local for ya. We have the first taste of Dominic Lavoie’s new LP ‘Wave With A Broken Arm.'. It's a killer song called "Skeletons At The Feast" and the…
Dominic and the Lucid’s New Video is Awesome
You know him as one of our great DJ's on the radio, but our Dominic Lavoie is also the singer for one of the best local bands around-Dominic and the Lucid. It's so great having a local musician on our airwaves-it's what we're all about. Local...
Rustic Represent Maine
Uproxx used a variety of factors to name the artist/musicians who best represent each state in the country. Rustic Overtones were the choice for Maine.