Uproxx used a variety of factors to name the artist/musicians who best represent each state in the country. Rustic Overtones were the choice for Maine. 


Uproxx spent some time recently researching what band/artist would represent each state in the union best, and then released their findings yesterday. They used a number of factors, including album sales, Grammy wins and specific numbers from the Recording Industry Association of America. Uproxx also admits that they used a variety of less concrete factors to make their final decisions on each state.

After those numbers were compiled, they unveiled their entire 50 state list of bands/artists that represent their home. Some are good, and some are well....you can decide. Here are some of the "highlights"

MAINE: THE RUSTIC OVERTONES (If you've grown up with CYY, or just tuned in here and there for the last 20 years, this choice makes a whole lot of sense. Rustic has been part of the pulse of Portland for what feels like forever, and there are few artists that have originated from Maine that have had such staying power.)

NEW HAMPSHIRE: AEROSMITH (Hard to argue with Aerosmith as the choice for New Hampshire. They're still touring the world to sold out shows whenever they'd like, Steven Tyler is still the subject of late night jokes and they're the only band on the entire list that has their own Disney roller coaster.)

CONNECTICUT: MICHAEL BOLTON (If you're from Connecticut, this has got to sting just a little bit. And not because Mr. Bolton hasn't had a wildly successful career, it's mostly just because your entire state is best represented by MICHAEL BOLTON. If you're not from Connecticut, then feel free to use this little tidbit of knowledge against someone who is.)

MONTANA: JEFF AMENT OF PEARL JAM (Uproxx admits in their article that there is a drastic shortage of successful musicians that hail originally from Montana. Like, no bands or single artists who have tasted significant success. So guess what Jeff Ament, you're their guy. Hail, Hail!)

Check out the entire 50 state list courtesy of Uproxx right here. There's a small blurb about each artist and why they were chosen. Beats talking about politics over the Thanksgiving table!

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