CYY loves local music. You can always hear a ton of local on Spinout every Sunday night. Here's some great NEW local for ya. We have the first taste of Dominic Lavoie’s new LP ‘Wave With A Broken Arm.'. It's a killer song called "Skeletons At The Feast" and the song and video will blow your mind!

The album will be out on 10/23.

The futuristic video features lots of Portland locals - Kyle Gervais - Kim/Phoebe Lavoie - Kate Sommerville - James Whalen - Dan Boyden - Sarah Boyden - Frank Hopkins - Corey Gagne - Adrienne Stauffer - Stu Mahan - Luna Colt - Dan Capaldi - Todd Ketcham - Mike B and more!

Be listening for this one on WCYY!

Dominic (sometimes WCYY DJ) is one of our favorite people on Earth (or from whatever planet this video takes place) and we think you will love his new stuff. This is a major release for Dominic. The album was produced by Steve Berlin who was in the legendary band Los Lobos. Steve has worked with such notables as R.E.M., Faith No More, Great Big Sea, and a ton of other great artists. He can now add Dominic to the list!

You may have heard this one from Dom before on CYY. LIME BUTTERFLY.


And CYY thinks this song should be the Portland Maine Theme Song; "Be In Love"



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