broke the news last night that Dave Chappelle, the king of trying to do things secretly, had filmed his series of stand-up shows in Austin, Texas over the weekend for an HBO special that will be airing this summer. Fans tweeted after the show that Chappelle did all new material for over an hour and simply put, it didn't disappoint.


HOT TAKE: This feels nice. It's so refreshing to see that Dave Chappelle didn't really go nuts, didn't move to South Africa for good and that when he pulled the plug on Chappelle's Show, it didn't end his career. By the way, Chappelle owns one of the 5 greatest hours of stand-up comedy in history, his "Killing 'Em Softly" special still holds up after all these years. Check out this clip below, (IT HAS POTTY LANGUAGE SO BE CAREFUL) Hey Dave, welcome back, it's been too long!