Hello Fellow Mainers,

I'm writing this because I messed up and feel like an idiot. A maskhole, if you will.

You see, I don't have an issue wearing a mask. I do so willingly. I'm also just vain enough that I enjoy having fun and cute masks. I had a Halloween themed one and I'm currently on the lookout for a Christmas themed one. Might as well have some fun in this insane year, right?

COVID-19. Young caucasian teenage girl in a black mask goes in for sports on a street sports ground during a pandemic. Coronavirus

Well a couple of weeks ago I had to stop in the mall and there was a kiosk filled with masks! I had been thinking I'd like a mask that was cuter for a future night out in one of those sweet dining bubbles/igloos. Granted, this second wave wasn't as intense at the time. I saw this beautiful gold sequin and black mask and it had one of those plastic black breathing valves in it. I hadn't had one that style and was curious if it made breathing easier or if it would help to not fog up my glasses as much. I didn't give it a lot of thought beyond that as I see a ton of people wearing them.

To be honest, after I tried it I saw no difference between wearing a mask with a valve vs. without.

I ended up wearing the mask to a doctor's appointment and was told a bit passive-aggressively by an employee, "You know if you want to protect others from getting the virus you should get a different mask."


I was a bit taken aback. Here I am trying to be responsible wearing a mask and I'm getting poo-pooed anyway!

Utterly confused, I asked what the problem with my mask was and she informed me that the valve makes it easier for my breath (and dirty, dirty germs) to get out and therefore doesn't protect others.

I. Was. Mortified.


I felt like an idiot. I thought back on the times I was out running errands and how many people probably looked at me like I was a total jerk maskhole when in reality I'm just a moron.

I assumed the mask was still just as protective, just designed differently. I was wrong.

I can only hope that my idiocy could help someone else from making my mistake.

Ditch the valves, peeps! Don't be a maskhole like me!


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