My first encounter with Destination Haunt was in October, last year. I went by myself, which in retrospect, is not a good idea for someone like me, who scares very easily. The outdoor haunted attraction is definitely not for the weak at heart or for kids under the age of 7. That's the minimum age recommendation, according to its official website.

It was raining the night I went, which made the experience even more dramatic especially when I scurried through the Buried Alive Cemetery. And I really did scurry. Some of the other terrifying places I visited during my 45 minute self-guided walk were the Execution Center, Scorched House, Hobo Village and the Meathouse. There's also the Lebanon Lab, the Outlaws and the Boathouse. Destination Haunt was frightening in a fun way, and guess what? I'm going back again this year.

Destination Haunt has been voted the scariest haunted attraction in Maine, as per the website. It opens on October 5th, and is located on Lord Road in Lebanon, Maine.

Watch this video to get a better idea of what to expect at Destination Haunt.:

Destination Haunt says to:

Be prepared for the most exhilarating 45 minutes of your life!

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