Anyone who lives in Maine knows that earthquakes aren't one of our chief concerns. We're more occupied with blizzards, nor' easters, and the occasional bout of wind strong enough to blow over out event tents (or maybe that's just us...) When an earthquake does come our way, it brings thoughts like this to mind:

Exactly. Clearly, we take this stuff seriously.

However, as reported by WCSH-6 this morning, Waldo county got quite a shake. The Weston Observatory down in Massachusetts detected a quake early this morning about 10mi west of Bucksport. No lawn chair jokes this time - it was a magnitude 2.1! Residents of the area called in in droves to report a loud rumbling in the background.

Now that it appears all is well and good (knocking on wood here), we wanted to give you just a few key points of advice on how to make it through a serious earthquake, should that situation ever arise.

According to, if you're in bed or at home at the time of the earthquake, as we're sure many were today, the recommended action is to stay where you are. Don't run outside, as you may be exposed to more falling debris. Drop down to all-fours for increased sturdiness, and so the quake can't knock you over. Cover your head and neck with your arms, too, to protect yourself from anything coming down onto you.

Visit for more information on how to best prepare for a quake. Stay safe Mainers!



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