Let's face it.... bras suck! I think both women and men can agree on that fact.

But, did you know that the majority of women in some New England states choose to wear them? Well, obviously you knew that, but, not all women have to wear a bra and shirt depending on where they are located in New England.

That's right, some women can choose to be completely topless walking around the streets.

So, why don't more women do it? Honestly, I feel that is a more complicated question to answer so we won't even go into that, but instead let's find out where this is actually legal.

According to Citizens Count, New Hampshire’s public indecency statute does not include women baring their breasts publicly. Therefore, it is okay for a woman to walk around topless.

In the past, a New Hampshire House bill tried to ban the right of females to walk around topless on the state level. Citizens Count states that this was voted down due to the fact that many in the "Legislature believed it would be seen as discriminatory against women."

New Hampshire isn't the only state in which a woman can walk around topless though in New England.

Maine does not seem to have an explicit law stating that women can't roam around topless. What Maine law does address is that indecent exposure does not explicitly restrict toplessness, but it also doesn't strictly forbid exposing anything else either.

According to Citizens Count, the state of Massachusetts states that an individual can only be charged with "indecent exposure" if it can be proven that either one or more people were offended by the act.

Lastly, Vermont.

In Vermont, it is not public nudity on the state level that is not specifically outlawed. Citizens Count says that Vermont law bans "open and gross lewdness and lascivious behavior." Therefore, you could be completely nude in public as long as you are not purposefully intending on scandalizing or arousing people.

So, if you happen to see someone walking around topless in New England, there is a pretty good chance that it is legal.

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