Fireball Whiskey has dethroned Allen's Coffee Brandy as the best selling liquor in Maine for the first time ever. So I decided to make another time-lapse video of the storm and a bottle of Fireball.

Last year during a Nor'Easter I made a time-lapse video with a bottle of Allen's Coffee Brandy.

And with what the weather forecasters were predicting for this last storm sounded like an insane amount of snow was going to bury us..

Unfortunately, what happened, at least where I am, was the sleet and freezing rain came in a little too soon and we ended up with only about 5 inches or so before it started to recede. And the timing of the heavy stuff couldn't have been worse as most of the snow fell in the overnight hours. Oh, and I added the hockey players for no particular reason. They got buried right away though!

It's still a pretty cool video..


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