As times change, so will Domino's restaurants across the country. They've dumped the pizza from their name, but continue to update their stores nationwide as they attempt to transform their image. One of the improvements being made is to take their restaurants, known for their take out and delivery service, and make them more appealing and modern for those that want to come in to sit and eat. Domino's is calling them "pizza theaters," and another one has opened up in Kennebunk.

According to the Journal Tribune, the store at 45 Portland Road will feature a number of enhancements that make take the normal Domino's customer by surprise. The new restaurant gets rid of clutter, with an impressive looking lobby and open viewing area where pizzas are made. On the modern side, this "pizza theater" offers free wi-fi to all customers as well as USB charging stations for smart devices at each individual dine-in table. Not only that, after placing your order, there's a screen in the lobby that tracks your pizza being made step by step until completion.

The Kennebunk Domino's is planning a grand opening event on Oct. 7 featuring free slices of pizza, t-shirts and other giveaways as well.

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