Almost as long as there's been cars, there's been bumper stickers. They can range from informative to absurd and provide entertainment for passing drivers. One of the most common bumper stickers you'll see throughout New England and specifically Maine, is the "this car climbed Mt. Washington". The Mount Washington auto road is an iconic and hair-raising trip that many throughout the area successfully make. Your reward is to slap a very familiar looking sticker on your back bumper. Which is why one person on Maine's Reddit did a double-take when they saw this bumper sticker.

Yes, you're reading that right. A bumper sticker that claims "this car climbed Mt. Katahdin". Now if you're stopping and thinking about the fact that you've never heard about an auto road that travels up and down Mount Katahdin, that's because it doesn't exist. No car has climbed Mount Katahdin and probably won't for the foreseeable future. Instead, someone got creative and decided to jump in on the "this car climbed" bumper sticker market and throw some people off.

The people of Maine are known for cracking jokes and confusing a lot of people in the process. Imagine people from Massachusetts and New York seeing this bumper sticker and immediately trying to book their trip. If you're interested, this bumper sticker can be purchased off of eBay.

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