Do you ever just wake up one day and want to jump in the car and drive?

Like most Americans, I am absolutely one of those people. Fortunately, Maine is a pretty good state to live in if you enjoy spending time in your car. The state is loaded with beautiful roads, unique byways, and historic drives. And one of those drives is getting considerable national attention after being written about recently.

The popular site Yardbarker put together a list of some of the most beautiful drives in America. The site collected 15 of these incredible routes to highlight how stunning this country truly is. According to Yardbarker, that amazing beauty can be seen in Maine's own Bold Coast Scenic Byway.

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Stretching from Milbridge to Lubec, and circling up to Eastport, is this 125-mile route of pure costal Maine. This road gives the driver a unique look at working waterfronts, lighthouses, coastal villages, state parks, beautiful scenery, and perhaps even some wildlife encounters. It really is Downeast Maine at its finest.

According to Explore Maine, drivers will also get to pass right through historic blueberry barrens, coastal forests, marshland, and even the Passamaquoddy Indian Reservation. Believe me when I say there's a lot packed in to this 125-mile trek.

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The towns along the way are also a great representation of the honest, hardworking Maine where you still see the true spirit of this incredible state. It's hundreds of miles away from the Southern coast's hustle and bustle, and the pace and character are easy to fall for.

While the towns and its people are amazing, the true star of this drive is the scenery. Even Yardbarker says that its some of the best landscapes in the entire country. The site isn't wrong. It truly is magical. And anyone who has experienced this drive before will absolutely back that up.

So, what are you waiting for? It seems like a great time as any to experience one of the 15 most scenic drives in the country. Sounds like a fun weekend trip to me. You can check out more details and the map here.

Happy driving.

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