Several months ago, Dunkin' Donuts tested something that made people's eyebrows raise. New cafes, mostly located on the west coast, that were just named Dunkin'. As it turns out, the company was using those test cafes to discover whether or not a name change would affect their branding. It did not. Thus, according to the Portland Press Herald, the company as a whole will make the name change official. No more donuts and just simply Dunkin'.

For its most devoted customers, the name change won't mean anything. Most people refer to the restaurant chain as Dunkin' already. The company wants to focus on their other menu options beyond just bakery items, and felt like dropping donuts from the company name would help in that rebranding effort.

Beyond the name change, not much will be different when you step into your favorite Dunkin' restaurant. It'll take some time for all of the more than 12,000 Dunkin' locations to follow suit.

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