Apparently, Portland's Underbelly is a source of pride. Tuesday of this week, I put up the picture of a window grate laying on its side, and numerous people told me they knew exactly where it is. One person said, "I live right there!"

Marie Donovan of Portland was the first to correctly tell me that the picture is of a spot beside the donut shop at the corner of Deering Street and Forest Avenue--Woodford's Corner...the window grate actually hangs in a boarded up window of the art supply store, next door.

My hint that this location has some history brought this comment from Edwin Farrar: "A lot happens on that corner lol".  We can read between the lines for the deeper meaning.  But all that was meant by my hint was that that window was punched out and boarded up a long time ago.  The grate has been hanging sideways for 15 years. Through all seasons. And no one has fixed it, stolen it or otherwise molested the spot.


Have a good weekend, and check back next Tuesday as we continue our quest to see how well you know Portland.


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