Massachusetts always seems to be in the discussion when it comes to “spooky” states in the U.S., but does it really belong there?

Salem scores the Bay State some major scary points. I mean, we’re about to be three Hocus Pocus movies deep thanks to the witchy city.

But in case you missed it, Salem fell off a little bit on the darkness scale last Halloween. In fact, it barely made a list of most haunted cities in the U.S. Meanwhile, a nearby city was named the second-safest in the U.S for trick-or-treaters.

This seems tough to stomach for the state that gave us arguably the most famous Halloween song of all-time. Or served as the film site for a movie so scary, Stephen Spielberg now regrets making it.

So, what is it in Massachusetts that has locals turning their cars into genuine Ghostbusting vehicles? Turns out, you have to go a little off the beaten path.

You have to go down to an infamous swamp on the South Shore that one expert deemed a legendary hotbed for the paranormal and unexplained. You have to head into the woods of the Berkshires and hear a tale so chilling, it was featured in a famous TV show about the unexplained.

Before you go running down the greasy pole in Gloucester, you should probably read up on what might be waiting for you in the water. And before heading out to party off the Cape, you should heed the warnings about a creature that may still be lurking...

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