That magical moment when you ask someone for their hand in marriage. To spend a lifetime together and beyond. For so many, it's something they've dreamed about until the day it becomes reality.


But some dreams don't always turn out as planned. Relationships can be complicated, and the ending of relationships can be even complex. That includes the exchange and potential return of a signature item in any would-be marriage: the engagement ring.

Maine Has Some Unique Engagement Ring Laws

Most states in the country view engagement rings as a risk the giver is taking. This means that the recipient of the engagement ring has no requirement by law to return it if the relationship falls apart. Maine, however, isn't one of those states.

Diamond wedding ring in a red gift box.

According to World Population Review, Maine is a fault-based state. Ultimately, whomever breaks off the engagement is at fault, and that would determine whether or not a ring legally needs to be returned or can be kept.

It Matters Who Ends Things in Maine

If the giver of a ring decides to break off the engagement for any reason whatsoever, the recipient of the ring has legal standing to simply keep it. It's considered by law in Maine to be a conditional gift.


However, if the recipient of the ring decides to break off the engagement, they must return the ring to giver if requested. If the recipient refuses, legal action could be pursued by the giver of the ring.


What Happens if a Divorce Occurs?

If the engagement turns to marriage and then the marriage ends, the recipient of the ring keeps the ring no matter who is at fault for the ending of the marriage.


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