Portland has always been a hub for creative people. We're blessed to have a lot of amazing art, music and film all happening locally. Thusly, it should be no surprise that with a cool film scene, there should also be some awesome film festivals and contests.

I had Nick Callanan in the studio this morning from the Maine Outdoor Film Festival, which has grown since 2002 from a 'zine from The Forks to a 15-stop statewide festival to celebrate the efforts of local filmmakers that love the outdoors.

MOFF is currently taking submissions for their Broke and Stoked competition, which we chatted about on the air earlier today. You can learn more about in the video below:

The contest is taking submissions until August 15th, so any potential candidates should hop-to! Get info about rules and how to submit over on MOFF's website.

...Oh, and the winner will get $1000...

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