Anyone looking to buy beer in bulk will definitely want to take a look at this brew blasting behemoth.

As reported by WCSH yesterday, the Maine Brewer's Guild announced a joint venture with Icelandic shipping company Eimskip with the goal of shipping Maine craft beer over to Europe for the first time. The delivery system? A huge, refrigerated shipping container called the Maine Beer Box, complete with 50 functioning taps on the side! Talk about a fraternity's dream kegger.

Watch WCSH's video below:

WCSH says the Maine Beer Box will be used at a Maine beer festival in Iceland's capital, Reykjavik, in June. After that, the box will be filled with Icelandic beer, and brought back here to Maine for an Icelandic beer festival in July. This test of the waters in Europe could mean a HUGE business boom for breweries in Maine, turning our humble little state into a titan in the industry.

The video shows that Maine brewers are excited to swap tricks of the trade with their Icelandic counterparts. In Iceland, they use different fermentation strategies than we do here, including the use of whale parts to make beer. I always say that I'd try anything once, but Free Willy Pale Ale might make me eat (or drink) my words on this one.

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