While Portland has begun to drum up lots of national attention, Eventide Oyster Co. can now brag that they are one of the best restaurants in the world thanks to a new accolade. 

For several months during the spring, summer and fall, you'll notice a small restaurant on Middle St. in Portland's Old Port looking awfully crowded. That restaurant, Eventide Oyster Co. has steadily grown a reputation for being one of the premier culinary destinations in the city since opening in 2012. But now they can feel free to shout a little louder, because they've been named one of the world's greatest eateries.

According to MaineBiz, Eventide Oyster Co. was named one of the very best restaurants in the world by Conde Nast Traveler, a luxury and lifestyle magazine put together by globe-trotters and acclaimed food critics internationally. Eventide was the only restaurant in Maine to make the list.

One of the contributors who nominated Eventide as one of the best, Peter Jon Lindberg, said this:

"The oyster bar of your dreams: briny half-shells most likely harvested that morning, note-perfect lobster rolls, a killer wine list and all sorts of unexpected treats on the daily menu."

It's hard to imagine how much busier this will make Eventide Oyster Co. next summer when people from every corner of the globe get wind of the amazing oyster bar nestled away in Portland, Maine.