Portland hotspot and tourist destination Eventide Oyster Company has plans to open a new location right outside Fenway Park in Boston. 

It's not a stretch to call Eventide Oyster Portland's hottest restaurant. Heck, it may just be Maine's hottest restaurant. It's won several awards, received international recognition and has spent the past couple of years with lines of people hoping to get their hands and mouths on their oyster offerings. But as their popularity has soared, the same question kept popping up. Will they expand? The answer is yes, just not the way most people expected them to.

According to Boston Magazine, Eventide Fenway will open this summer in the Van Ness building located on Boylston St. outside Fenway Park. Currently, Fenway is surrounded by several pubs, restaurants and street vendors who server lobster rolls and oysters but nothing quite like Eventide.

Expect to see the restaurant packed on your trip to Fenway or a musical jaunt to the House of Blues, which always sits outside the baseball stadium. However, the Eventide expansion does beg the question; will more Maine restaurants begin looking to expand their popular branding into destinations like downtown Boston? Only time will tell. For now, good luck to Eventide Fenway and who knows, maybe the lines at their Old Port location this summer will have ten less people.