I won't lie to my WCYY readers: I was once bitten by a horse fly while I was driving, and didn't even flinch. I know, I'm a portrait of male toughness.

Seriously though, we've all had that moment where you have to pull over because of something stingy or bitey. Hopefully it wasn't the neighbor's dog - something like a bee or fly or spider would be the most common. However, I bet THIS is a new one.

In yet another case of animals rising up against humanity to eventually retake the globe, a snake was found hiding out inside the car of an Auburn resident, who rightly called the police to help deal with the matter. Check out the post from the Auburn Police Department's facebook page:

Samuel L Jackson's spidey-sense is tingling somewhere.

"Would rather burn the car than touch the snake" sounds like a pretty accurate description on any normal human being's reaction to the matter. Fortunately, the snake looks pretty small, so it was easily dealt with when Officer Travis Barnies got there.

We're not sure we wouldn't have had the same reaction, honestly. Also, what is it with Maine and snakes recently? That big snake caught in Biddeford recently, and now this? I swear guys, it's a plot.

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