In 2018, Fireball Whisky unseated the long running champion of Maine liquor sales, Allen's Coffee Brandy, outselling them by half a million dollars. Not one to just sit back and enjoy the glory, Fireball has come out with a new product that is a game changer for fans of Maine's new #1 selling liquor.

On a recent trip to Hannaford Supermarket in Portland, I walked right past this and quickly turned around to see if it was what I thought it was.

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Yes it was. The holy grail for Fireball lovers. The Party Bucket!

Okay, so maybe I'm hyping it just a little bit, but this really is pretty awesome. 20 Fireball nips in a handy bucket that you can fill with ice? BOOM! Party on!

Townsquare Media

The displays with Fireball buckets have been popping up at Agency Liquor Stores across Maine and with good reason. Lots of people were hopping the border to New Hampshire to grab 10-packs of nips for $9.99 that are on the shelves at the New Hampshire Liquor Outlets. But now that the wholesale supplier of liquor for the state of Maine, Maine Spirits, is selling these buckets, it just got a lot more convenient.

You get the same price per unit for the nips plus a bucket to hold them in and pour ice into. Yes, there's tax added on in Maine, but you'd probably spend that much in gas to get to New Hampshire and back.

I know what I'm doing this weekend.