Suddenly, those 70 degree days in November seem like they were a lifetime ago. If you've stepped outside any time in the last few days, the winter chill has been in the air. While the temperatures have locked in the winter cold, there's been very little snow in the forecast. In fact, most key towns and cities in Maine are well past the average date when they receive their first snowfall. That is highly likely to change soon, as a nor'easter is brewing and should cover most of Maine with snow by the end of this weekend.

When Will the Nor'easter Arrive?

Shared on Twitter by Keith Carson, he is ready to lock in a nor'easter for this Friday and Saturday. As with most nor'easters, the storm will come with strong wind gusts and the potential for power outages throughout the state. Those power outages can become more dangerous since the storm could arrive overnight.

Snow or No Snow Along the Coast?

As of right now, it doesn't appear the coast is going to get much more than a taste of snow. Shared by Robert LaRoche on Twitter, forecast models are indicating that the atmospheric conditions along Maine's coast will still be too warm for heavy snowfall. What does that mean? Likely rain for the coast. That said, it could transition to the dreaded sleet/freezing combo that absolutely nobody wants to see or try to clean up.

Skiers and Boarders Rejoice

The nor'easter should bring a ton of fresh snow to the mountains, leaving skiers and snow boarders in their happy place. Even just a few miles away from the coast, the snow could pile up quickly. While the coast could see a dusting, models like the EURO and GFS are promising 12+ for the mountains and at least 6-10 inches for most inland communities. As Friday gets close, those totals could increase if the storm picks up momentum.


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