A hood-vent fire forced the evacuation of Flatbread and Ri Ra on Sunday, and they still aren't open.

Brittany Rose

According to the Portland Press Herald, when Flatbread and Ri Ra Irish Pub open all depends on city inspections. And the city is supposed to go there this morning (Thursday).

There's no structural damage for Flatbread, but they have water and smoke damage, the newspaper stated.

Brittany Rose

Ri Ra did have structural, water and smoke damage to the roof and hood system, according to the Press Herald, and Portland is going to go over what to do on Friday.

Both of these places have been closed since Sunday at the height of the tourist season!

They don't know what caused the fire and are still looking into it, although the fire department says the damage was mostly to the hood system and the roof near the vents, the newspaper stated. They had to take rip open some of the roof to make sure the fire didn't spread.

Brittany Rose


It took hours to get it under control and put out hot spots. Commercial Street in the area was closed for about 4 hours too...it was a mess.

Fingers crossed that these two hugely popular places open soon!