For the past two years, Fork Food Lab in Portland has been something of a revelation. Small upstart businesses had an opportunity to operate, grow and build on their strengths rather than be held down by the expenses that come with starting a restaurant or food service. The lab quickly blossomed in popularity and currently houses more than 35+ businesses. But according to Eating Portland Alive, that will all come to an end on September 30th.

Pilotworks, the parent company of Fork Food Lab, has informed all the businesses that operate in the lab that they will be ceasing operations at the end of September. Several of the businesses that are housed at the lab have already taken to social media to let their loyal fans and customers that they will continue on and hope to find a new space to operate. Others may not be so fortunate.

What is unclear at this point is WHY Pilotworks has decided to close the door on Fork Food Lab.


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