A new age of Godsmack is upon us. This year marks the 20th anniversary of the hard rock vets' multi-platinum eponymous debut and with the new song "Bulletproof," taken off their forthcoming When Legends Rise album, they're charting new sonic territory.

The song embraces a subdued vibe as the verse comes in, gradually adding layers with a light melody to texture warm cords that drift into the ether. The energy explodes over the chorus, which finds Sully Erna reaching into his upper register with some of the most melodic singing heard yet in Godsmack.

"Bulletproof" is certainly less aggressive than Godsmack have been in the past, but based on what the singer has been saying since the release of 1000hp (2014), it shouldn't come as a shock. Two years ago, he told Radio.com, "I’m not that same young, angry kid as I was when I was writing early Godsmack material. And so now Godsmack has become a little bit of a challenge because I go, 'Okay, what am I gonna write about?' Cause you can’t write too 'happy' when you’re writing for Godsmack, but nothing is really making me super sad or angry. And so it’s gonna be interesting to continue."

Back in the fall, Erna even issued a statement explaining that some sonic changes were coming.

When Legends Rise, which will be the band's seventh studio album, is set for an April 27 release, packing 11 new songs. Check out the artwork and track listing below and place your pre-orders here.

Godsmack, When Legends Rise Artwork + Track Listing


01. When Legends Rise
02. Bulletproof
03. Unforgettable
04. Every Part of Me
05. Take It to the Edge
06. Under Your Scars
07. Someday
08. Just One Time
09. Say My Name
10. Let it Out
11. Eye of the Storm

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