Popular amongst both students and locals, the Gorham Grind has made a solid name for itself over the past few years. But as people continued to filter through the doors of the small coffee shop, owner Carson Lynch was working behind the scenes developing a product called Rocket Fuel. And it's that product that will bring an end to the Gorham Grind as you know it.

According to Meredith Goad via Twitter, Lynch will close the Gorham Grind in downtown Gorham on May 5th to focus on his Rocket Fuel coffee milk business. There's no word if this will also bring an end to the Gorham Grind coffee truck as well. And for those that think this is a wild and crazy idea, maybe it's time to take a closer look at Rocket Fuel.

Available at more than a dozen local markets and bakeries around Portland, Rocket Fuel quickly became a hot item when offered at the Gorham Grind. A mix between iced coffee and an energy drink, word quickly spread that Lynch had created something that more people should be trying. The demand for Rocket Fuel has increased and thus, Lynch will focus his time and efforts on the burgeoning product.



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