By now, you've probably heard that a bill is moving towards being law in Maine that would place a deposit on mini-liquor bottles, commonly referred to as nips, similar to those on mid-sized and large-sized liquor bottles. But if that bill is passed, Governor Paui LePage has promised "to begin working delist nips from sale in Maine".

Proponents of the new bill that would put a deposit on nips believe it would help curb a large little problem involving the small liquor bottles. Detractors of the bill believe putting a deposit on nips will put additional stress on redemption centers across the state, and would not truly curb the growing litter problem that is plaguing much of Maine.

"If the Legislature is really concerned about litter, delisting nips will ensure that they are not sold in Maine, and fewer of them end up as litter, we will also then know that discarded nip bottles are coming in from out of state.”

The battle of nips in Maine continues to be a testy one and is clearly not over yet. Stay tuned to find out whether you're have to purchase your Fireball Whisky in a bigger bottle or go without it altogether.

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