There's a large amount of frustration that people from Maine feel on a yearly basis when it comes to registering and inspecting their vehicle. In fact, some people have gone to drastic (and illegal) measures to make it seem like their car is on the up and up in Maine when it really wasn't. And while the registering process isn't likely to change, Governor Paul LePage would like to change how inspections in Maine work.

According to WGME, LePage would like to make cars that are less than 12 years old exempt from a yearly inspection. It would be a massive shift in the current law and would likely save Mainers tens of thousands in repairs. But there would be some collateral damage.

Part of the reasoning behind having a yearly inspection is too keep cars completely safe for the adults driving them as well as the children on board. Additionally, it keeps cars up-to-date on the latest environmental protections as to not over-pollute the air. The bill put forth by LePage is likely to be debated over these key issues as well as a few others.

There is no timetable for this to be approved and moved into law at this time.

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