It's been a long and winding road for a band that was once called Gus.

This Friday, August 9, at noon, Guster will be presented with the key to the City of Portland, Maine in a ceremony on the patio of 94.3 WCYY at One City Center, Portland, Maine.

Guster has been a staple in New England for more than two decades, and the key presentation will begin a weekend-long celebration for the band called Guster On The Ocean.

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The founding members of Guster all met during a wilderness orientation at Tufts University in 1991. By 1994, they had released an album called Parachute under the band named Gus. Unfortunately, another artist was using that name too, so they transitioned to Guster. In 1999, they released their breakthrough album Lost and Gone Forever, and really, the rest is history for the band.

Their continued success and close relationship with their fans has allowed them to do things that many other bands can't do. That's where the genesis of their weekend-long party Guster On The Ocean came from.

This year will be their 3rd annual, and will feature an acoustic performance at First Parish in Portland, and then a two-set performance at Thompson's Point on August 10th, including performing Lost and Gone Forever in full.

Join WCYY and Guster this Friday at noon for the key to the city presentation and (perhaps) an impromptu acoustic performance from the band.

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