As you're sipping your coffee, listening to your favorite song on the radio and trying not to be late to work, you can feel free to do a double take at some electronic road signs in Portland. According to WCSH-6, some road signs in Portland were "hacked" overnight, perhaps by a disgruntled employee or by someone just looking for kicks.

The signs were first spotted by motorists as early as 3 a.m. The signs that have been hacked are located on Capisic Street as well as Frost Street. As seen in the photo above, posted by Facebook user Nicole Tarquinio, one of the unfriendly messages posted reminds motorists "YOU SUCK".

Another sign  read "BALL SACK", although its not known if the message itself was intended to be a little more sinister. The electronic road signs are typically used to update motorists on construction happenings or with friendly reminds to buckle up or don't text and drive.

The Maine Department of Transportation will investigate how the signs were hacked and who is responsible for the incident. Until then, have a good chuckle at the ridiculous signs and just remember, you don't suck! BALL.