A quick look at the calendar will reveal that Halloween was a couple weeks ago but that didn't stop one driver from horrifying plenty of other motorists as they traveled down a busy section of Route 1 in Scarborough. That's because their car was covered in blood, dripping down the sides and back of the vehicle. How did all that blood get there? The roof of the car has all the answers.

Shared on Facebook by Matt Webber, take a look at this Toyota Avalon that was smeared with the blood of a dead deer they placed on the roof of the vehicle as a way to transport it home. Many commenters on Webber's post had questions, was this from hunting season or did this individual simply hit the deer with their car and decide to toss it on the roof? Additionally, people wondered if the individual initially tried to place the deer in the trunk of the car before deciding the roof was the best option?

Lots of questions but one thing that wasn't questioned was just how horrifying it is to be stuck in traffic along Route 1 and be startled by a blood-stained vehicle moseying on by. There are so many things you'll see in Maine that you'd never see in other parts of the country. A deer strapped to the roof of a Toyota Avalon on a Thursday afternoon while blood drips over the sides and trunk of the car is one of those things.

So while many people couldn't believe what they were seeing, someone is likely enjoying a venison steak on their table tonight.

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