In a corner of the University of Southern Maine campus in Gorham, stands a rather large and impressive old building known as Robie-Andrews Hall. For years, it has housed art and music students and if you believe some of the whispers on and off campus, USM's ghosts.

Nothing is quite certain or clear when it comes to the actual ghosts haunting Robie-Andrews. According to Strange Maine, there's a story of a young female, left by her boyfriend after she was found to be pregnant and rather than go through the pregnancy alone, hung herself on the 4th floor of the dormitory. Since then, her ghost has been roaming the hallways and leaving current-day students with strange experiences.

If that's too far-fetched for your tastes, there's the story of another young female left homesick. Long before there was a cell phone in everyone's hands, you actually had to write letters. According to an article from the USM Free Press, this young student sent several letters home to her parents without any response. She became homesick and began crawling into the Robie-Andrews belfry tower to call out to her parents. Somewhere along the line, she either fell out of the tower, or more disturbingly, was pushed, and her spirit continues to roam around the hallways on the old dormitory.

Former USM campus dwellers from over the years have confirmed the bizarre happenings in Robie-Andrews. In the comments section on the Strange Maine post, some former students share stories of creepy encounters. Cold spots in the building, hearing footsteps or furniture being moved above the 4th floor (even though the attic has been closed off to students) and there was even a former student who claimed to see an apparition and attempt to interview it (it didn't work out obviously).

There was another oddity about Robie-Andrews hall that students encountered over many years. There was an elevator that just opened and closed on its own. It could easily be chalked up to an old building with mechanical failures or if you're a believer, it could be the ghosts in the building moving from floor to floor.

Are these stories just an act of fiction? An opportunity to use the supernatural to scare the new and naive? Has there really ever been any proof? To this day, there's been little, if any. Instead, any former or current USM students can look at Robie-Andrews, and that belfry tower and wonder, is any of it true?

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